FUT 21 – What Is Goal Of The Week

FUT 21 has a program called Goal of the Week. This is a contest-like event that invites the community to submit spectacular goal videos. The players submit the videos and the FUT 21 team chooses the most impressive goals. These goals are then put together in a video collage and shared on the game’s social media. There are no rewards or anything at stake. Players do this just for fun. Anyone who plays FUT 21 can submit their video. The process is easy and it’s done through the official website. Access the menu option called Community. You will find the Goal of the Week section under it.

How To Submit A Successful Goal of the Week

Players have to record a video that captures their spectacular goal. There are a few requirements that must be met.

First of all, you have to make sure that the goal capture is in high quality. It may be tempting to add some music or effects to make the goal more amazing but don’t do that. Replays are accepted, however, it is preferable to record the goal the moment it happens. The video needs to have the original audio. Once you have the video, you need to upload it to YouTube. You will submit the video YouTube URL and not the video itself. Anyone can make a YouTube account and upload a video. It’s very easy and even if you’ve never done this before it won’t take more than a few minutes.

Having the video on YouTube makes it easier to share it with your friends as well. You can post on your social media and see what your buddies have to say about it. Maybe you will find out that someone from your list plays FUT 21 and they’re up for some games. After you have uploaded the video on YouTube, go to the Goal of the Week page on the official website and login with your account. The submit form includes a few fields. You must input the URL of your YouTube video. The Gamertag or PSN ID is also required. The type of goal can be chosen from a list. The name of the club is another field that must be filled in. You will also need to submit the game mode and the name of the footballer that you were playing with when you scored the goal. Keep an eye on social media each Monday to see if your video was selected.

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